Need to stock up on food? Here's where you'll find it . . . 

  • Valumart: Like a big city grocery store, but smaller. A full line of vegetables, meats, cheese, milk, bread, canned goods & munchies (including the famous President's Choice line). This Gore Bay mainstay is operated by owner Dean Moss. 705-282-2500.
  • Island Goods: This is a brand new venture by Kris Leblanc, widely known as one of the best vegetarian cooks in town. Bulk, local, organic and natural is what this place is all about. You can also get some of Kris's great take-out food cooked on site and ready to go. Located between the docks and the marina at Kris's house. 705-282-0736.
  • Betty's Convenience Store: owned & operated by Betty Little, this one-of-a-kind shop offers munchies, movies, beverages, basic groceries and other things that'll make you happy. When everything else in Gore Bay is closed, Betty is open. 705-282-2580.

  • Friday Morning Gore Bay Farmer's Market: One of the really nice things about Manitoulin Island is that it's blessed with an agricultural, fishing and cottage industry heritage that's still alive today. This living heritage is what makes our weekly Farmer's Market so good. All through the boating season, vendors from across the Island set up canopies and tables right at the water's edge, just at the south end of the docks. You'll find all things delicious and beautiful there, too – fresh fruits and vegetables in season, locally-made preserves, fresh and smoked fish from the legendary Purvis Fisheries, crafts, baked goods, local art and more. We can never say for sure what'll be at the market, but we can tell you that boaters everywhere love what they find. 

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