Propane, Parts, Hardware, Boat decals

Here's where you'll find all things practical . . . 


  • H&M Mini Mart: Boating without propane for the grill wouldn't be nearly as much fun, and this gas station and convenience store is where you'll be able to fill those unique propane tanks used on boats. The fact that this business is a couple of miles from the marina is no problem, either. Talk to harbour master Lee Hayden about how to get propane tanks refilled. Phone number at the marina office is 705-282-2906 and the number at the Mini Mart is 705-282-3151

Parts & hardware:

  • The Marine Store: This is right by the docks, so it makes sense that it's your first stop for boat parts, batteries and the like. Ken and Pam Blodgett know boating and they stock lots of things boaters need. Call 705-282-0185 for details.
  • Robinson Supply. Technically speaking, this is an automotive supply shop, but owners Chris Robinson and Joyce McDonald know that boaters need marine parts, too. Stop by and you'll find filters, oil and many other things you need to make your vessel ship-shape. Anything they don't have they can get delivered in a day or two. Call ahead at 705-282-2090.
  • Home Hardware: Owner Mike Steele took over this business from his dad back in 1989, and he's got a great store and a great team. Mike carries more than the usual hardware store fare, including wiring supplies, pump parts and other interesting do-dads you won't see in city hardware stores. Launy, Myette and Jesse are exceptionally helpful. Call 705-282-2433 and see for yourself.
  • Al's Corner Garage: This is an auto repair garage of the old-fashioned sort, and the fact that owners Al and Denise Kostecki have no shortage of customers should tell you something. Al is a Class A mechanic and is available for emergency repairs down at the docks when the main marina mechanic Norm Fogal isn't available. Al and Denise also sell deep cycle batteries, oil and some other marine parts. Call and find out at 705-282-2591.
  • McQuarrie Motors: This is an authorized GM dealership (pretty amazing that you can buy a new car in a town of just 900 people), but McQuarrie's also has things boaters might need. It's our only source of premium grade gas in town, and McQuarrie's does stock parts for some GM marine engines. Batteries are available there, too. Call Tyler McQuarrie at 705-282-2400 if you think he can help you.

Boat lettering, numbering & Logos:

  • Island Promotional Products: When you first walk into this shop, it looks like a clothing and gift store. Just don't think that's all it is. Owners Dan and Lyn Osborne also run a complete graphics shop with high end design and production equipment. That's why Island Promotional is the go-to place for marine lettering, numbering and decals of all kinds. That's their work on the left. Many of the boats in the marina proudly display names and numbers made by Dan, including all those great Canadian Yacht Charter logos you see. Dan's a master at design and he's got the equipment and experience to deliver first-rate results for you. Stop into the shop on Meredith Street (that's Gore Bay's main street), or call 705-282-2629.

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