Testimonials . . . 

See what real boaters are saying about the gore bay Marina.

"Every year we spend our whole summer cruising the Great Lakes and Gore Bay is the #1 marina for us. The folks there are absolutely wonderful. We enjoy the place immensely."


 "The floating docks are as good as you’ll find anywhere in North America. We’ve sailed Maine, we’ve sailed British Columbia, we’ve been to the Caribbean. There aren’t many places prettier than Gore Bay."


"The facility in Gore Bay is really world class. I’ve sailed Georgian Bay, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. I haven’t found a better facility."


"Gore Bay has an old-town atmosphere, yet it has all the modern amenities. Most of the businesses are run by the owners."


"The Gore Bay Marina is probably not as well known as it should be. It’s a good place to lay over, you can clear customs here. They treat you very, very well in Gore Bay."


"Gore Bay is a wonderful place to stop over. It’s been delightful. The market is so nice. All those fresh vegetables are great. We love to hear that Canadian accent!"


"It’s a lovely harbour. The slip sizes are very generous and the marine store is excellent."


"You’ve just got to come to Gore Bay. If you have trouble, there are people to help you. If you don’t have trouble, there’s lots to enjoy."


"We couldn’t believe the clear water, clear air and reasonable dockage fees in Gore Bay. We like the place so much we bought a building lot overlooking the water and our boat, and now we live in our new home in town. Gore Bay’s population is now 902."


"The Gore Bay marina has one of the finest shower facilities on the North Channel. It’s a great surprise."


"We’ve made friends with a lot of the people who live here. Everyone is just so nice. The local people make you feel like family."

 "Gore Bay is one of our favourite stops. Excellent docks. It’s got everything you really need."


"In bad weather, Gore Bay is the most secure harbour in this part of the world. The people, the atmosphere, everything is great. There is no downside to this place."


 "I still run my own firm, so I fly home, then come back five or six days later. The local airport 10 minutes drive away is an amazing help for someone like me."


"The facilities are wonderful and yet you can look across the bay and see the shoreline as it was probably 2000 years ago. It’s unspoiled. To my knowledge there’s no other place as beautiful as this part of the world."